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Trainee Subcommittee

Listed below are the present committees of the College.

Member Post Period
Dr. Eu Khin-shwe Chairperson01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Chan Chong PunMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Prof. Chan Kar Loen KarenMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Chan Tsoi Yan DorothyMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Chan Tsz HuenMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Chan Yuen Wing AndreaMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Ho Hau Ting JanetMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Ip Ka HimMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Lai Joie Chor KiuMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Lau Yan YanMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Law Man LaiMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Law Sau Kam LilianaMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Lee Ho Ching PriscillaMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Lo Cheuk YinMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Prof. Ngu Siew FeiMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Sum Hiu Yan TiffanyMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Wai Kar On JoanMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Wong Eunice JoannaMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024
Dr. Yim Yin YuMember01/01/2024-31/12/2024