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Information Technology Committee

Listed below are the present committees of the College.

Member Post Period
Dr. Wong DanielChairman01/01/2022-31/12/2022
Dr. Au-Yeung Kam Chuen SidneyMember01/01/2022-31/12/2022
Dr. Chan Chong PunMember01/01/2022-31/12/2022
Dr. Chan Kar Loen KarenMember01/01/2022-31/12/2022
Dr. Chan Ying Tze ViolaMember01/01/2022-31/12/2022
Dr. Chiu Pak Hey ChristopherMember01/01/2022-31/12/2022
Dr. Tang Kwok KeungMember01/01/2022-31/12/2022
Dr. Tong Yu WingMember01/01/2022-31/12/2022
Dr. Wong Ka YanMember01/01/2022-31/12/2022