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Colors in our College Badge and Robe
Colors in our College Badge and Robe

HKCOG adopts color pink on our black robes and college logo. 

When the college was founded, there was a great debate what colors HKCOG might use for our college badge and robe. Seniors all have good reasons to support one color and then another. The colors of blue an black were taken as representing day and night, since we work day and night to take care of our O&G patients. In case readers may not recognize, there is a circadian rhythm in childbirths, with more natural births at small hours of the morning. Pink was added by Dr Robert Chin, as representing the color of Bauhinia blakeana, the floral emblem of Hong Kong. 

As such, when our fellows are asked whether pink reflects our work on ladies, we may explain in pride that the color selection reflects that we obstetrician-gynaecologists work day-and-night for Hong Kong. Our specialty seems to look after only 50% of the population (ladies), but we actually welcome 100% of human arrivals to planet Earth. 

Dr Ares Leung

President of Hong Kong College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist

1st August 2014