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Since 1999 the College has been looking into the development of O&G subspecialties in Hong Kong and information on this matter has been announced in the previous issues of DialOGue and college correspondence. A subspecialist is a specialist obstetrician-gynaecologist, i.e. FHKAM(O&G), with adequate training and experience in one of the O&G subspecialties. A subspecialist status can be attained in one of 3 ways:

  • academy fellows satisfying a set of stringent requirements will be accredited as foundation subspecialists
  • academy fellows engaged actively in subspecialty practice and partially meeting the set of stringent requirements will be accredited if the requirements can be fully satisfied within a defined prospective period of assessment
  • academy fellows completing the future subspecialty training programs will be accredited after passing the respective assessment

Over the past years four subspecialities have been established:

Foundation fellows and first fellows in each of the subspecialties have now been accredited. Training programs have also been designed and are available from The webpage of the individual subspecialites.